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vrijdag 15 april 2011

Pink Leopard Dots

Hello Everyone !
So this is like my first REAL post :)
I figured I should post some nail art, 
cause a lot of people are saying my nails look really cool every time they see me :)
I hope you would like them as much as the people I know !

This is a leopard print I did a while ago, it´s pretty easy to do actually.
1. Paint your nails in a base colour.
2. Make the dots. You can use a dotting tool to do this, and if you don´t have a dotting tool,
you can use the end of a bobby pin :)
3. Now you just draw two little black lines at the top and bottom of the dot (or the sides :p )
And then you´re finished !

When the battery of my camera is full again, I am gonna upload some more nail art,
nail art that looks a lot cooler than this, but is still pretty easy to make.

Tell me what you think !
-xxx- Judith

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