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woensdag 11 mei 2011

Hey everyone !
So I was gone for more than two weeks !!!
So I will make at least two posts today.

I have a nail art for you today.
I really like colours, especially bright ones and pink :)
So I decided to do a rainbow on my nails.

Here are the pictures :

The stripes are thicker than I expected...
So It looks like I just put some random colours on my nails, instead of a rainbow.

The colours I used are :
Background blue : Limited edition with the Jeans colours :) Essence - Forever Mine
Purple : It´s a brand that smells really bad... I don´t really know how it is called :S I checked it, and the label says La Femme Beauty.
Blue : I mixed white with the background colour :)
Green : P2 - shockfull
Yellow : Essence - Sundancer (I think it was a limited edition)
Orange (really hard to see, but I used it !) : Essence : Get the Fever (discounted)
Pink : I mixed it cause red was hard to see with the blue background.

What I did :
1. Applied topcoat.
2. Painted my nails blue.
3. I made a stripe in purple on my nail with a dotting tool (I think a nail art striper is better,
so you can paint thinner stripes, and it looks more like a rainbow that way),
and then blue, than green, etc.
4. I put on a topcoat.
5. Let it dry :)

That was all !!!
See ya later !

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