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zaterdag 21 mei 2011

Nail Art Copycat :)

Hey there !

This is my second post of the day, but I just got another nail art design to show you.
I love to watch nail art tutorials on youtube cause a lot of them are really cute.
I think this one looks really professional and makes your nails look fake :P

So here´s the tutorial :

As you can see, it´s a lot easier than it looks, it just takes time.

So here is my attempt at this beautiful nail art :)

As you can see, I copied it completely, without adding anything.
That´s because I like the design as it is,
it looks if someone who works at a nail art studio did them.

See you later !

Plaid Blue French

I didn´t post for a while, so I decided to do some pretty cool nails :p
The photos aren´t really good, and since I can´t use photoshop cause my laptop died, I can´t edit them.
I hope I get my macbook soon, so I can my pictures again.

Picture of the nailpolishes I used :
Catrice French Manicure Basecoat.
Catrice Top Coat
Essence Choose Me
Essence You Belong to Me
Essence White Tip Painter
Essence Limited Edition Forever Mine
Essence Dotting Tool
Essence Nail Art Glitter

So as you can see, really budget proof :)

I saw a tutorial on youtube with this nail art design, but instead of blue, she did pink.
And instead of the nail art jewellery she painted a strawberry.
But I didn´t have two pink colours that matched, so I decided to do it with blue.

Here´s the tutorial.

So you as you can see, her nails are totally different than mine.
So, just be creative, and do what you think fits better on your nails !

                                               And just remember, practise makes perfect  !
When I did my nails for the first time, it looked horrible xD

The main reason I started this blog was because a lot of people look at my nails and say :
Wow !!! That is so beautiful ! I wish I could do that !
Maybe I am gonna do some tutorials myself when I have a webcam or something.
And of course more followers ;)

Bye Bye !

woensdag 11 mei 2011

Some Photography

Hey Guys !
So because I uploaded a nail art today, a decided to show you guys some pictures I made.
I really love photography, and I am always taking my camera with me.
I guess you can say I am a little addicted :)

Wanna see them ??
Here you go :

So I made this one two weeks ago. I really like the lightning.
And I like how the sun shines red and the way my camere captured that :)

I really like this one because I like snow. That´s everything :p

I love this weird little animal !!
I made the colours a little brighter with photoshop, and edited the light.
I think it turned out really cool.

Okay, now up to the last one !

I like this photo, because of waterfall on the background,
and the flamengo off course xD
And the flowers in the left corner are really pretty.

Please let me know what you think !
Do you want more photography or Nailart ? Or both ???
Let me know in the comments, and I see you next time !
Hey everyone !
So I was gone for more than two weeks !!!
So I will make at least two posts today.

I have a nail art for you today.
I really like colours, especially bright ones and pink :)
So I decided to do a rainbow on my nails.

Here are the pictures :

The stripes are thicker than I expected...
So It looks like I just put some random colours on my nails, instead of a rainbow.

The colours I used are :
Background blue : Limited edition with the Jeans colours :) Essence - Forever Mine
Purple : It´s a brand that smells really bad... I don´t really know how it is called :S I checked it, and the label says La Femme Beauty.
Blue : I mixed white with the background colour :)
Green : P2 - shockfull
Yellow : Essence - Sundancer (I think it was a limited edition)
Orange (really hard to see, but I used it !) : Essence : Get the Fever (discounted)
Pink : I mixed it cause red was hard to see with the blue background.

What I did :
1. Applied topcoat.
2. Painted my nails blue.
3. I made a stripe in purple on my nail with a dotting tool (I think a nail art striper is better,
so you can paint thinner stripes, and it looks more like a rainbow that way),
and then blue, than green, etc.
4. I put on a topcoat.
5. Let it dry :)

That was all !!!
See ya later !