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vrijdag 8 juli 2011

Things I Bought in Paris !

Heej everyone !
So I went to paris a couple of weeks ago, and I didn´t have time to write about it yet :)
So I am gonna do that for this post :)

First I wanted to let you see what I bought :P

It is a little Eiffeltower !!
It´s like 1 feet long :)
Look how cute <3
I didn´t actually climb the Eiffeltower, cause you had to wait like 3 or 4 hours !
And we only had one day, so we decided to do some other things :P

Then I bought this cute charm bracelet :)
There is a charm of the Art de Triumph, an Eiffeltower and 3 hearts.
One charm broke off and now it says P instead of Paris :(

I really love diamonds and accesories and blingbling ;)
So when I saw this keychain I just had to buy it xD
I bought the same for my twinsister.

These are just a few more keychains.
I bought them right under the Eiffeltower :p

But most of all, I LOVE these !!!
Just look at how cute they are !
I love photography, pink, diamonds and earrings !
The little diamond is just so cool :)

I also bought a shirt, with the Eiffeltower and the Arc De Triumph.
And for my sister a keychain and a headband, also a keychain for my mother ( diffent than mine haha)
and for my other sister a teacup.

And this has nothing to do with Paris, but my mom bought me such a cool gift because it is the ending of my schoolyear ! Yeah, no school for 8 weeks !

It is the big package, my friend gave me the little bottle.
In the package is a bodylotion, perfume and soap :)

Maybe I will post some pictures I took in Paris, cause they look really cute !
Bye CU later !!!

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