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donderdag 9 juni 2011

Leopard French Manicure

Heej everyone !

This is my last post for today.

So lately I am a little bit lazy to paint my whole nail and I just think a french manicure is beautiful.
For todays post I mixed my obsession for french manicures with my obsession for animal prints.
I think it looks really cool.

For this design you will need a dotting tool, nail art brush and 2 different nail polishes of your choice.

A really bad picture again.
But I hope you can see it.

1. Apply your basecoat.
2. Make a french tip. I used a really light pink with subtle gold glitters, but if you don´t have a colour like that, feel free to grab another colour.
3. Make some dots with a dotting tool or bobbypin.
4. Make some random black lines around the dots with a nailart brush.
5. Apply topcoat and your finished.

As you can see, the steps are almost the same as a normal leopard print.
The only difference is that you paint a french tip instead of your whole nail.
I like this design more, and it doesn´t take so much time to dry.

Bye Bye !

p.s. I think the next post will be a nail art with a french manicure as well, cause I am going to Paris !!!!!
I am so excited. Only less than 36 hours and I am on my way to paris :)

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