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donderdag 9 juni 2011

Butterfly Nails

Heej everyone !

I think animal prints are really cool !
But the typical zebra and leopard designs are getting a little bit old for me, cause I did it so many times !
So I decided to do a butterfly print.
I saw this once on a site, but I can´t remember which it was.

So I decided to do only the wing of the butterfly cause it looks so much cooler.

I really hope I can use photoshop soon, cause this picture is really bad.
But I hope you get the idea.

You will need a pink/orange polish, a painting/nail art brush and a dotting tool for this.

1. Apply your basecoat.
2. Paint your nails pink ( or orange if you want an orange butterfly)
3. Look for a really thin ( painting) brush and apply the black lines.
4. Make some white dots with your dotting tool. If you don´t have a dotting tool you can also use the end of a bobby pin.
5. Apply your topcoat and your done !

This design is not really easy and it takes a while. But it looks really cool afer you´ve finished.
And if you don´t succeed, the leopard print looks cool as wel, right ?

Bye Bye !

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