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donderdag 9 juni 2011

Fading Nailart

Hey everyone !
I haven´t been on this blog for a while so I am posting a lot today.
So for this post I have a cool fading effect for my nails.
It´s really cool and I was just too lazy to paint my whole nails.

For this design you need 3 different colours.

This is the design. The lightest colour isn´t really visible in this picture.

1. Apply a basecoat. As always :P
2. Lightly apply your lightest colour.
3. While it is still wet, quickly apply a darker colour. It is important that you do it while it is still wet, so the colours can blend.
4. Then quickly apply your last and darkest nailpolish. So the second and third colour can blend as wel.
5. Let this dry for like 10 minutes.
6. Apply some special effect glitters ( but this is optional.)
7. Put some quick dry topcoat on, and your ready !

Bye !

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